Welcome to H.U.R. Voices

H.U.R. Voices is talk and music for the people.

H.U.R. Voices is talk with a purpose that examines and explores issues that affect people of color, and music that combines new and classic soul with R&B for listener enjoyment. H.U.R. Voices programming embodies the mission of Howard University which is to provide America and the Global Community with excellence, leadership, truth and service.

H.U.R. Voices offers programming on politics, finance, history, entertainment, sports, relationships, personality profiles, technology, travel, health, news, and music. H.U.R. Voices also offers premier programming from WHUR 96.3 and WHUR-World 96.3 HD2.

H.U.R. Voices embodies the mission of Howard University, to serve America and the Global Community.

The creation, management, and delivery of content are provided by WHUR 96.3, Howard University’s commercial radio station, located on the university campus. WHUR radio is owned and operated by Howard University, Washington D.C.  Flux Slot Game by Thunderkick