Weekend Review

Showcasing the top R&B artists and songs from across the nation

Hosted By: Bobby Gailes

This program has no scheduled showtimes.

For the listeners that are tired of hearing the same tunes over and over, the Weekend Review offers something different for the mature listeners. Host Bobby Gailes will showcase the top R&B artists and songs from across the nation. The Weekend Review kicks off with some easy listening in the Pillow Break segment then leads right into a countdown of the top ten songs from the R&B charts. Once the heavyweights get their chance to shine on the countdown, Gailes takes you down memory lane with his featured “Flashback” songs that are sure to bring back some great memories. The second half of the show, Bobby introduces listeners to new and up‐and‐coming artists in the “Spotlight” Segment. Finally, after 1 full hour of jamming, the show finishes strong with the Weekend Reviews’ Mini-Concert series. In a concert format, you will be treated to the music of artists that range from the legends of R&B artist to today’s current stars, and even some contemporary jazz artists.